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I write to thank you for the excellent service you gave to us at our holiday home, Salcombe, on Saturday 22nd November.

I had been distraught by the results of my carelessness with the glass of wine on the previous evening, and I had not expected that the carpet could be restored to us as if nothing had happened. But you answered my telephone call early on the following morning with a lovely courtesy and an obvious readiness to come out to us as soon as you could manage. When you arrived at the house, you gave us a thorough explanation of what you would do, and as a result of your work there is now no hint of a wine stain on the carpet.

It is a great encouragement to meet someone who witnesses to his faith in the manner in which he carries out his daily work. It was a privilege to meet you, and we shall look forward to making contact with you the next time we need our carpets to be cleaned. We shall be most happy to recommend you to our Salcombe friends and neighbours.

With every good wish to you both in your work and your witness to your faith.

Yours Sincerely

David Flynn

We never thought our carpets would come up as clean as this. Some of these stains had been on there for up to five years.

We were thinking about putting down new carpets and now that is a cost we don’t have to worry about.

Thanks very much.

Sophie Alcock

Dear Dennis,

A quick e-note to say thanks for sending the invoice, received today.

And… especially to thank you for an excellent job. You've done the impossible, and eliminated several marks which we really thought had become permanent features of the carpet.

It genuinely looks as good as new.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends or neighbours.

Thanks again.

John  & Sandy.